Solution – how to manage fonts across several PC’s

Answer –

1. Install Dropbox (if you use this referral link you’ll receive 250 mb extra space and I’ll get some extra space too!)
2. Download and install this free font manager NexusFont
3. Take a copy of all the fonts in your Font folder (found in your system Control Panel)
4. Create a folder in your Dropbox and call it MyFonts.
5. Move all your fonts into MyFonts folder
6. Run NexusFont
7. Select all the installed fonts listed under the Library as ‘Installed’ and right click.
8. Select uninstall
9. Hit the ‘+’ button in the bottom left of NexusFont and create a group called ‘Not installed’
10. Right click this new ‘Not installed’ group and select Add Folder.
11. Browse to the MyFonts folder in your Dropbox and hit ‘OK’

With NexusFont running all your fonts are usable by Photoshop, Word etc. With NexusFont closed only core fonts are available to your system. So, once you have set up Dropbox and NexusFont on your other machines all your fonts will be co-ordinated across your machines, with the added bonus of increasing system speed.