greenpeace Campaigning via Twitter

Greenpeace recently launched their  Detox Challenge to the world’s leading sports brands, including Nike and Adidas. The campaign is to find who will be first to champion a toxic-free future by removing toxic chemicals from their supply chain and products.

“All you need is four friends with Twitter accounts and a little bit of coordination. Just follow these simple steps to create your own grassroots action and let these brands know that the pressure is on and expectations are high. Detox!

  1. Make sure you and four friends have active Twitter accounts.
  2. Download the D-E-T-O-X letters below.
  3. Choose a letter each and set them as your Twitter avatar.
  4. Get everyone together in the room, on Skype, MSN, the telephone or any other communication medium.
  5. Get all participants to go to @Adidas@nikestore or @nikesoccer at the same time.
  6. Sychronise watches!
  7. Starting with X, ‘follow’ the Twitter feed in reverse order, from X-O-T-E-D (Feel free to add Mission Control style commentary upon completion: “X is go!” “O is go!” “T is go!” and so on.)
  8. Be sure to follow the action with the twitter tag #Detox.”

Campaign link