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Saltoun Supper Club

Saltoun Supper Club, Brixton

I had the pleasure of going to the Saltoun Supper Club last night. Arno turns his flat into 16 seater restaurant twice a week and I would highly recommend a visit.

The Bonnington Cafe

“The Bonnington Café is a co-operatively run vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the Bonnington Square Community Centre in the heart of Vauxhall.One of South London’s best-kept secrets tucked amidst the beautiful community gardens of the square, the Café has been open since the early 80’s when it was started as a squat Café to provide a good cheap meal for the community.

Much has changed in the years since we opened,but not the sense of community. No single person runs the restaurant,rather it’s maintained by an active collective of member cooks who also contribute to the overall running of the venue and who are still committed to providing excellent vegetarian home-cooking at great prices in a laid back and friendly bohemian atmosphere.”